Year of production 2018
Duration 77 min.
Genre Documentary
Director Virpi Suutari
Cinematography Heikki Färm F.S.C.
Editing Jussi Rautaniemi
Music Sanna Salmenkallio
Producers Joonas Berghäll, Satu Majava / OKTOBER

Entrepreneur is a universal nature documentary about Finnish entrepreneurs. This warm and carnevalistic film portrays humans in the middle of ordinary everyday survival. It’s about the ethos of being an entrepreneur.

The main protagonists come from two totally different kinds of landscapes, from two different time zones. There is a scenery of contemporary modern socienty and just a few hundred kilometres away we find a rural and nostalgic universe with forgotten people and land. Others love meat, and others do everything they can in order to decrease the consumption of pork.

Our first protagonists are Fellini-like family, going from village to another, trying to sell meat from a small meat truck and also run a tiny funfair business. The father, the mother and their four children are working together and trusting only in themselves, not in the help of society.

While countryside family is counting coins after the hard-working day, the other pair of entrepreneurs of the film, the two modern, well-educated women from the capital area, are dealing with millions. These two women have invented revolutionary vegetable protein product called Pulled Oat. They are building a factory and they want to conquer the meat markets with the new product – even as far as in China. In the beginning of the film they have an empty factory hall and first machines are coming in. In the end of the film they have a multi-million business and they are both millionaires, but have they also made a world a little bit better?