The Happiest Man on Earth

Year of production 2019
Duration 83 min.
Genre Documentary
Director Joonas Berghäll
Cinematography Pini Hellstedt F.S.C.
Editing Timo Peltola
Music Timo Peltola
Producers Joonas Berghäll, Satu Majava / OKTOBER

The Happiest Man on Earth follows the footsteps of award winning Steam of Life, portraying Finnish men speaking directly from their heart. The Happiest Man on Earth returns to themes of equality, love and well-being from the viewpoint of Finnish men and their sons, who show their emotional loneliness and honesty in a striking way. Men in the film are full of love and empathy that they haven’t been able to show before. Berghäll himself turns the camera to himself. Film shows emotions with exceptional honesty, and reveals the soul of Finnish men.